Jealousy rarely peeks out the window for passerbys to see, but inside our home, our soul, she roams gleefully. While our eyes gaze at others instead of HIM, she carefully manipulates our soul on her quiet daily stroll. 

Why are we not jealous of those things that make our faith grow? Suffering, pain, persecution

Why are we so quick to observe the success of others rather then the victories God has given us?

Why do we turn a blind eye to what God has given us (i.e. wife, daughters, mind, love, song, friends, arena to influence, et cetera)?

Why do we become disgusted with the platforms God has given us? A failure to appreciate the simple gift of salvation. A failure to understand your mission (‘and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your own hands…’). –

 Why do people spend so much time observing what others may or may not have?

What causes temptation? Lack of introspection, Lack of self analysis, failure to reflect on how God has made me,  not confident in what the Lord is doing in your relationship with Him.

What are we tempted to be jealous of in life? jobs, influence, material abundance, 

Why are we tempted? Are we dissatisfied with how God has made us? Does our jealousy only reflect our frustration and disappointment with God? Can we overcome jealousy? How?

Jealousy in children – A young toddler strategically sifts through the toys in the church nursery. Just as they return from the toy box the next toddler hastefully reaches to snatch the toy from the other youngster. Toddler number two was not the least bit interested in the toy until toddler number one wanted to play with it. Why?

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Ruth Tucker

I recently read Left Behind in a Megachurch World: How God Works Through Ordinary Churches by Ruth Tucker. Sure it’s a little different then your typical “purpose driven” church manual. Ruth Tucker is definitely not Rick Warren, McGravan, Thom Rainer, or George Barna. What makes her unique is observing church growth from a scholarly woman’s perspective. Tucker earned her Ph.D from Northern Illinois University and has written in excess of 22 books primarily dealing with theology and religion. Here is a sample of her books Daughters of the Church, From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, Private Lives of Pastor’s Wives, Walking Away From Faith: Unraveling the Mystery of Belief and Unbelief, Guardians of the Great Commission: The Story of Women in  Modern Missions. While Dr. Tucker and I may not agree theologically, on every issue,  but she has offers some valuable insights for ordinary churches to carefully evaluate before they pursue the megachurch status.