Job 8: Bildad’s Response to Job’s Cry

Bildad confronts Job in misery. 

  • God can never pervert justice or righteousness. Bildad was suggesting that Job’s children must have been in sin, because God delivers sinner into the power of their transgression.
  • Job there are several areas in your life that you need to revive. You ought to begin seeking God and implore His compassion. You  should also consider living a pure upright life. Job, if you would choose God’s atelier (workshop) full of righteousness, justice, purity, compassion, etc. then God would show Himself by restoring you.
  • Job do not succumb to the pressures of trusting in man. If you forget God while trusting in man then you will wither up like a papyrus plant.
  • Job remember, God will not reject a person of integrity!


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