Two Kingdoms

Psalm 21

This psalm could almost be a sequel to Lord of the Rings. The writer is clear that two sides exist. One is out to destroy God while God is out to destroy his enemy and their offspring. The power and strength of our God brings people to exalt Him.

Results Belong to the Lord

Psalm 20

The psalmist would like help in the day of trouble. While along this journey in life people face trials and turmoil. Although we cry out to the Lord for help and support, the psalmist reminds us that the decision is based on the Lord’s choice. Since the writer realizes that God will help at His timing, they do not boast in chariots and horses, but in the name of the LORD, their God.


Psalm 19

Natural Revelation
Heavens – tell of God’s glory
Expanse / Space – declares His works

Days – speak of God
Nights – reveal God’s knowledge
Sun – Allows nothing to be hidden from God.

Special Revelation
Restored soul = perfect law of the LORD

Wise = read the sure testimony of the LORD
Joyful = observe the right precepts of the LORD
Enlightened = follow the pure commandments of the LORD

11 – “Moreover, by them Your servant is warned; in keeping them there is a great reward.”

One of my favorite verses is 19 – “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.”

The Psalmist invites the reader to ponder the heavens and discover God. After the invitation to the natural wonders, the reader is invited to the Law of the Lord to be enlightened. The reader is finally challenged to live in fear of this Awesome God.

Crying in the Right Direction

Psalm 18

God is my strength, rock, fortress, deliverer, refuge, shield, horn, and stronghold. David understands where his protection from the besieging enemies is found. His protection resides in the heavens. The God of all creation who rides the clouds and pierces through the darkness lifts David out of his desperate situation and protects him. David assures us that his cry was heard on high because of his lifestyle (i.e. righteousness, cleanness of hands, keeping the ways of the Lord, refusing to depart from God, keeping His ordinances and statues, keeping himself from iniquity). In David’s dark and confusing world with pressure from enemies around him God illuminated a path in the darkness and gave David great strength. David credits God for all the strength and energy to escape from the enemies. God not only delivers David from the hand of his enemies, but puts the enemies in David’s hand to destroy. The result is praise and worship of God!

Surrounded & Safe

Psalm 17

David tried and tested by the Lord is surrounded by enemies who would like nothing more to obliterate him from the earth. Although, surrounded by enemies, David cries out to the Lord his Strong Tower. David’s calmness manifests itself in the last phrase, “I shall behold Your face in righteousness; I will be satisfied with Your likeness when I awake.”

Preservation of the Soul

Psalm 16

The Psalmist tells us that preservation is discovered in a person not a place. Who would be a legitimate candidate for refuge and preservation? None other than God! The preserved soul is the one that finds refuge in God and recognizes that all good resides in God alone. The writer, David, suggests that preservation does not come through division, worshipping several gods, but worshipping the one true God. The preserved soul finds several benefits of finding refuge in God.

  1. Counsel from the LORD (7)
  2. Stability from the LORD (8)
  3. Glad & joyful heart (9)
  4. Physical protection (9)
  5. Eternal preservation (10)
  6. Direction in life (11)

What is your strategy for preservation? Does it bring counsel, stability, joy, gladness, physical protection, eternal preservation, and direction? If not, why not take refuge in God and let Him provide you with so many added benefits!

The Unshakeable Soul

Psalm 15

The Psalmist suggests that there is a way for the soul to remain unshaken. The person must stay in the presence of God (“abide in His tent and dwell on His hill”). But who is able to remain in the presence of His Majesty? The Psalmist explains how one may rest in the presence of God and be unshaken.

Internal Requirements

  1. One who walks with integrity
  2. One who works righteousness
  3. One who speaks truth in his heart

Internal Attitude

  1. One who despises a reprobate
  2. One who honors those who fear the Lord
  3. One who swears to his/her own hurt

External Response

  1. One who does not slander
  2. One who does not do evil to his/her neighbor
  3. One who does not bring reproach against a friend
  4. One who does not put out money at interest
  5. One who does not take a bribe

When a person chooses to incorporate these into his/her life they will be a stable person.

The Worship of Self

Psalm 14

The fool insists that “There is no God” because he/she does not want consequences for their actions. The fool’s lifestyle, corruption and abominable deeds, would naturally expect a reaction from authority. However, the fool suggests that God does not exist so they may exercise any lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we see exaltation of self in many homes today. The child insists that “There is no parent” because he/she does not receive any consequences for wrong actions. This teaches the child that the only authority is self, which results in children who grow up to worship self. What is more miserable for the child who grows up to worship self is that they do not learn how to find favor with God. According to verse five, “God is with the righteous generation.”

Parents who graciously exercise discipline in their home instruct their children into a relationship with God. Parents can help children learn that final authority does not rest in self, but in God who is far greater than man/woman.