Measuring Morale

Moment of Truth In Iraq by Michael Yon (autographed)

Michael Yon explains how the USA has made adjustments in Iraq to overcome the likely odds of defeat in Iraq. Michael’s expertise both practical (military experience) and idealogical (cultural philosophy) combined with stellar writing skills coerce readers into his impartial analysis of what is happening in Iraq. For those only wanting to hear good news from Iraq (Bushites) this book will humble your lofty dreams. For those whose complete source is the short sighted biased national media who believe the Iraqi War has been a complete failure, well you will be stumped by Yon’s presentation of success stories among US military and Iraqi citizens.

Yon provides a treasureable method of analyzing morale. It is not only effective in the military, but also at in the corporate office, sports teams, and any other area where you have leaders and followers.

” As I traveled around with SCM Mellinger, I watched for signs of the state of morale in the face of these horrors. Gauging morale is not a simple affair of asking a few soldiers how they are feeling today. Happy soldiers may complain loudly, while profoundly depressed, demoralized, and angry ones might stay quiet. A person must live with them and keep eyes and ears open for a range of signs. High-morale troops are disciplined and focused  on the mission. They keep their quarters neat and their weapons clean. When they’re not out in the field, they drill and practice and learn new skills to keep their edge.
Bad morale reveals itself through apathy. Soldiers might be quiet and sullen. When they do speak, it’s often in argument. They neglect the mission and focus on their own needs and feelings. They become petty, complain about small problems, and become risk-averse. They find ways to look like they’re doing their job instead of doing it.”

So how is your morale in your marriage, in your family, at your church, at your job, at your school, on your team?


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