John Piper sounds like he has been reading EM Bounds books on prayer. This clip will ignite a fire in your soul for war. Get the gear we have a mission to accomplish!

BEWARE – It is the hardest longest fiercest toughest loneliest mission you will face on earth. Rest assured you will lose many ounces of blood, sweat, and tears during this mission, but can you hear that THUNDEROUS VOICE? I can’t quite hear it, but I want to! “Well done…” how does it go? Can you imagine the King of kings and the Lord of lords talking to you, who me, yea you? The one who used His voice to speak the world into existence will speak to me about how well I performed on THE MISSION.



Piper’s 8 minute clip reminds me to take Paul’s words seriously ‘redeem the time’. As I look back on the 30 year summit of my life, I courageously hope to make every moment in the future count for God. Do you? Are you just starting to make sense of that show “thirtysomething” (1987-1991). Yea you are in your 30’s now. Check out this video and see if it doesn’t challenge your retirement plans.


The Plight of Man and the Power of God by D. Martin Lloyd Jones

“I am appalled at times at the number of people who worship England, and I suggest that much of the heroism that is being displayed today is often really the result of a definite worshiping of a code or a tradition. Other gods that are worshiped are money and wealth, and the things that these can buy, such as houses and automobiles, social status and position. I have known parents who have literally worshiped their children. There was a time when it seemed clear that many were returning to a worshiping of the body and physical fitness…a most interesting and provocative article which suggested that the ever-increasing number of pet animals kept by people was definitely a religious matter…”

Remember he is writing in 1943 even though it sounds like he is addressing issues in 2008.

D. Marin LLoyd-Jones continues by speaking of the modern man…

“The modern man lives on newspapers and periodicals, repeats the views of others without thinking for himself, and spends his time listening to the radio or sitting in a motion-picture theater. In his talks and discussions, he is interested chiefly in sport and gambling. Even his interest in politics had so degenerated that he has become so apathetic that he allowed himself to be governed for years by the dullest and most supine politicians that the country has ever known…Intellectually as well as morally, we have been witnessing a sad decline, a decline that is the invariable consequent of worshiping and serving ‘the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever.'”

Sound familiar

Underestimating the Depravity of Man

The Plight of Man and the Power of God by D. Martin Lloyd Jones

  • Do we ever underestimate our propensity to commit sin?
  • Have independent local churches been isolated from God by not faithfully teaching man’s reckless willful abandonment of God?
  • Do we shamelessly isolate doctrine that painfully pokes at the deepest part of our inner being?
  • Is our depravity/sin the culprit for selective spiritual hearing?

“…men do not like to retain God in their knowledge, or refuse to have God in their knowledge. Having started with that knowledge, they decide that they are not going to continue it…It is not simply that they fail to attain to its standard; they deliberately reject it as a standard. It is not only that they miss the mark; they cease to aim at the mark at all, and refuse to recognize it as a standard and objective in life. God is deliberately dethroned and his entire way of life is jettisoned…”

He continues…

“…shown by the fact that though they know what the Scripture teaches about God’s view of such conduct, they not only do so, but delight in all others and do likewise. What proves so conclusively that evil and wrongdoing are not mere negative remains of the animal part of our nature, is the fact that in spite of all warnings of consequences, and at all costs, man persists in sinning. Though it may mean loss of health or loss of money, though it involves loss of character and lowering of standard, and even though it threatens to affect eternal destiny, still men persist in it. What is worse is the pleasure which they take in the thing itself, the way they enjoy it, and talk and joke about it…but the fact is that men boast of their sins and talk about them and encourage others to do precisely the same. One has but to read the newspapers or to listen to the radio to discover how true this has become of life.”

I should remind you that he is writing to those living in the mid-1940’s. D. Martin Lloyd Jones reminds us of our dreaded hunger for sin and our tireless greedy pursuit of it regardless of the damning consequences. Herein lies the proper framework to grasp God’s rigorous pursuit of sinners while we walked among the dead in our trespasses and sin

Wasteful or Fruitful Worship

The Plight of Man and the Power of God by D.Martin Lloyd Jones

I thought it would be nice to highlight a few thought provoking sentences from this brief book.

“We tend to believe, and perhaps rightly, that we have been blessed in the past because we have been religious. But when we make use of that fact and advocate religion in order that we may be blessed, we are insulting God. The more religious the nation,  the more moral and the more dependable and solid is the nation. Hence the temptation to statesmen and leaders to pay lip service to religion and to believe in its maintenance in a general form. But that is the very opposite of what I would stress and what is emphasized everywhere in the Bible. God is to be worshiped because he is God, because he is the Creator, because he is the Almighty, because he is the ‘high and lofty One that inhabits eternity’ because his Name is Holy. And in his presence it is impossible to think of anything else. All thoughts of self and of benefits that may accrue, all ideas concerning the possible results and advantages to ourselves or to our class or country are banished. He is supreme and he is alone. “