Occasionally we go through lonely times in our spiritual walk with the Lord. Steve McCoy at Reformissionary has a great post on becoming reinvigorated in your life in Christ. It is important to have methods of re-discovering where you are in Christ.

Check it out here.


Preaching & Preachers by D. Martin Lloyd-Jones

Here is a paragraph that sounds similar to Joel, a messenger of God several thousand years ago.

“That, surely, gives us a picture of a great deal that is happening at the present time. This is one of the problems confronting the Christian Church today. This ‘affluent society’ in which we are living is drugging people and making them feel that all is well with them. They have better wages, better houses, better cars, every gadget desirable in the home; life is satisfactory and all seems to be well; and because of that people have ceased to think and to face the real problems. They are content with this superficial ease and satisfaction, and that militates against a true and a radical understanding of their actual condition. And, of course, this is aggravated at the present time by many other agencies. There is the pleasure mania, and television and radio are bringing their influence right into the home. All these things persuade man that all is well; they give him temporary feelings of happiness; and so he assumes that all is well and stops thinking. The result is that he does not realize his true position and then face it.”

What do you think? Can you identify any side effects of affluency in your life?