This post was inspired from a trip to the beach with family. The careful eyes of my daughter stimulated my thought to elaborate on God’s divine eyes looking at us. As my youngest daughter played on the toys at the inside water park, she constantly looked over her shoulder to see if my eyes were fixed on her actions. There was no need for the girls to worry, dad was watching with excitement as they went up and down water-slides, cruised around the lazy river, and shot basketball at the hoop in the pool.

How often our spiritual lives are like little children anxiously looking to see if their father is watching. We are constantly looking over our shoulder to see if God is watching. We want His eyes to be fixed on our lives observing each move we make. Often, we are scared that God is absent, yet HE is there you just can’t see Him.

God watches joyfully as we make decisions that bring glory to Him. God observes enthusiastically as we allow the gospel to let it’s roots mature in the soil of of our soul resulting in eternal fruit. Fruit such as faith in Christ growing abundantly exhibiting absolute dependence on HIM. The gospel’s fruit also boasts of love for brothers and sisters in Christ who cooperatively carry their visible cross. Just as my daughters looked to verify that my eyes were watching them so the Lord is omnisciently hovering over our lives.

Although my children usually enjoy me keeping a close eye on what they are doing, there are times when they wish I wasn’t looking. You know those moments when you walk into the room and your children freeze mentally saying, what do I do now? There are moments in our life where we wish God was not carefully watching us, but the reality is He is constantly abreast of everything in your life.

God watches painfully as we allow our thoughts, decisions, and actions to drift from Him. Joy turns to dismay when the gospel is ignored in our lives. Unfortunately, we seek security in self, ignoring our need of faith in Christ. We subtly suggest our self dependence as we build our inner Tower of Babel. The familiar result is seclusion in our sin. We effortlessly secede from brothers in Christ who daily reminisce in the cross; ones who admonished us to walk circumspectly in this world of dire sinful straights.

Thankfully! God’s tenacious stare penetrates our abandoned independent sin engaged life and reaps havoc on our conscience through the Holy Spirit passionately pursuing us. God’s written word brings exhausting conviction when we toss away our cross and refuse to follow. Hopefully the pursuit and conviction through the Spirit will encourage us to pick up the cross that was dropped in order to follow self and return to follow Christ through faith. AH what joy there is in bearing the cross for the One who patiently watches us.


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