Get a TISSUE & Celebrate LIFE




Don’t Miss These

A succinct article by Harry Jackson explaining how truth has been isolated and betrayed…

eTeacher’s online effort to bring Biblical Hebrew into your home. They inaccurately report that they are the only ones providing Hebrew online with flexibility. Piedmont Baptist College & Graduate School have been offering Hebrew online for almost two years.

Bob Kauflin has to be the most gifted theological musician thus far in the 21st century. His extraordinary knowledge of God’s word and music enables him to equip hundreds if not thousands of music leaders with wisdom that flows from above. If you lead music be sure you read and listen to Kauflin’s Biblical insight. Some of his posts include (Preparing the Next Generation of Musicians, Top Ten Ways to Write Bad Worship Songs, What Does a Worship Leader Do?) Bob has a recent book out that I look forward to reading Worship Matters.

David Goldberg is trying to offer something about the Death of God in his article Goodbye to the Supernatural God. Sounds awfully familiar to Nietzsche’s hypothesis…hello nihilism.

“spread the wealth”  hmm A Professor of Economics uses a simple story to explain the result..check it out.


I though you may find a few links below intriguing…

  • An article suggesting that a literal interpretation of the Bible results in a Dispensational prophetic position with the source coming from ReligiousTolerance.
  • Glad to see Rick Warren support CA’s Proposition 8…don’t miss Al Mohler discussing the linguistic effect of gay marriage


Rick Warren’s Daughter-In-Law

Rick Warren’s son and daughter-in-law have been facing some harrowing medical emergencies. This article in the OC Register gives you a glimpse into Rick’s personal email/journal when facing a difficult personal medical problem in your family. Really great to see him prayfully depending on the Lord and His eternal words.

LIFE IS short

hand holding a stop watch

Pondering the shortness of life…

* 70 years = 840 months
*840 months (30 days / month) = 25,200 days
*25,200 days = 604,800 hours
*604,800 hours = 36,288,000 minutes
*36,288,000 minutes = 2,177,280,000 seconds

Factor in sleep… 201,600 out of 604,800 hours (based on 8 hours of

Life is BRIEF

I didn’t calculate leap years into the formula above.

Abortion (Miller vs George)

Two men with two different views on Barack Obama’s position on abortion. They don’t agree! Read both arguements–both are well worth the read. Who presents the best evidence?

Donald Miller – Author of Blue Like Jazz suggests Obama is rethinking his stance on abortion and that his less abortions promotion is better than no plan by the GOP. Read the article here...

Robert P. George – McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence; Director, James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University suggests Obama’s voting record on abortion happens to be the most liberal. George uses very strong words like “delusional, extremism, it can’t get worse but it does” in his article. Read the article here

You can finish these two articles up with a less than popular article by Al Mohler whose stellar mind earns the attention of Christians and non-Christians across the US and the World. Read the article here

Do you find it interesting that humans like to change language?
We change adultery to affair.
We change murder to abortion.

Does it make it easier for our mind to cuddle when we change the words?