A camera catches the essence of the Obama party. I am definitely not sold on McCain & Palin, but I can assure you I want join intolerant leftists who carry nooses for anyone who refuses to agree with them. If this is the change that Barack Obama believes in this change will horrify our culture. To think that you scream, boo, jeer, and shoot people the classless middle finger for not taking your view? That’s INTELLIGENT! Why should I want to jump on their bandwagon? If you want to see a lapse of civility and the unveiled venom behind many in Obama’s party watch below.


  1. jdrj,

    All movements have “knuckle-heads” so don’t take it personal. Have you seen the McCain-Palin videos? This seems mild in comparison. Let’s keep to the issues and let Americans decide who will get the job in November.

  2. Franknitty41…

    thanks for the comment…sure all movements have “knuckleheads”—I haven’t seen McCain-Palin videos, but if you have some url addresses to send this way I would be glad to look at them and post if necessary.

    From your perspective what are the issues?

    “let Americans decide”
    I can’t let Americans decide they will decide who will be promoted to SERVE as President of the United States of America. Of course, I am not sure how united the states / people are any more.

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