6684 feet

Saturday I hiked with the Schlesinger brothers to the highest point east of the Mississippi River. Check out one of my pics from 6684 feet atop Mt. Mitchell.mt.mitchell blog

Some things I pondered…

  • Experienced hikers are fun to be around (thanks Garrett)
  • Long hikes with higher altitudes require thoughtful preparation (food, hydration, clothing)
  • Nauseating obstacles are there to be overcome
  • Leading required thinking about others (pace, staying on the trail, rest)
  • Followers have the pleasure of watching how the leader climbs the trail (roots, rocks, branches)
  • Ascending the steep terrain was demanding on my mind, heart, and lungs. This made it challenging to enjoy the landscape.
  • Difficult hikes require some breaks in order to restore energy supplies
  • How does a person who hiked up 3500′ feet  for three hours appreciate the summit view any more than the person who rode a motorcycle, car, or bus to the summit?
  • Balance was needed ascending and descending (roots, rocks, branches, trees)
  • Some spots are always slippery.
  • While descending was more demanding on my leg muscles and joints, my mind, lungs, and heart got a break. The landscape was much easier to enjoy.
  • Aches and pains today remind me of the enjoyable hike with spectacular views
  • Very anxious to hike another mountain
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