Tuesdays With Morrie

I rarely watch movies, but now and then I get in the mood. Unfortunately, Diana and I have almost completely different tastes. On rare occasions we come across a movie that we agree to watch together.Tuesdays With Morrie was one of those rare occasions. The movie was based on the non-fiction novel written by Mitch Albom based on the life of sociologist professor Morrie Schwartz. Although you shouldn’t expect a theological description of how to die, this movie will promote quality thought provoking questions worth our attention. Here is a short clip…


One thought on “Tuesdays With Morrie

  1. Thanks for the post! I did not know there was a movie based on this book. I recently read it and it’s mind-blowingly great. I’m glad you agreed on this movie, the story I think fits all types of tastes because it’s real. Real stories have a way of making you hooked, maybe it’s that realistic factor or maybe because you know for sure it happened, it wasn’t thought up by someone 🙂

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