Love / Loss

The day I was preparing to bury one friend I heard news of another close friend whose wife passed away. I think ASBO’s comic was most appropriate…

Advertisements – Gibbs Scrawls Grocery List on Hand in Jab at Palin – Gibbs Scrawls Grocery List on Hand in Jab at Palin

Ahhhmm why doesn’t Press Secretary Gibbs take a jab at President Obama for using a teleprompter to speak to 6th graders….6th graders. Wow…quit jabbing and FOOOOCCCCCCUUUUUUSSSSSS—jobs, food, healthcare—stay with me FOCUS

It amazes me that our fearless Elephant and Donkey leaders are leading the USA through national security crisis, healthcare crisis, welfare crisis, social security crisis, economic crisis, etc. but are wasting time picking on hand notes and teleprompters.