Ten Spies Influence Lives

While speaking with Caleb about a land proposal, Joshua reflects back on their reconnaissance mission, under Moses leadership, into the land where they were now building homes. Caleb, “Do you remember how the ten spies made the heart of the people (Israel) melt?” The discouragement of those ten spies made the people of Israel wait 45 years to possess this land (Joshua 14).

How did the ten spies discourage the entire country, causing the hearts of the people  to melt? Were they negative? Did they display intimidation? Did they belittle themselves? Did they simply fail to acknowledge God? Did they lack direction? I can’t help but compare and contrast my life to the twelve spies.

What does my life speak? Does it melt hearts? Does it routinely produce doubt? Does it indicate fear and dread? Am I one out of the ten spies who melts hearts or one of the two spies who brings confidence in the hand of our great God? Our faith and words have an impact, potentially changing the course of a home, neighborhood, church, school, county, state, country, and continent.

Here is a thoughtful scientific article on words.  Words Do Hurt – Verbal Stimuli Put Our Pain Memory On Alert. I can often remember chanting among the neighborhood boys “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Usually, I already felt the pain before the words were finished coming from my mouth. The phrase was merely trying to numb me so as to ignore the pain. So back to the point, words really do move and shake lives. Whether its the ten spies changing the course of a nation or boys and girls changing the course of one of their neighborhood friends. How is your life and words changing others?