Since January of 2010 I have been teaching through the book of Esther at the WS Rescue Mission. Although most of our attention in this book revolves around Israel and how God used Esther to preserve His chosen people, one character has caught my eye, Haman. I too often feel eerily similar to Haman and I think the average American can easily identify with him.

Haman had worked astronomically hard to become better than the best. In due time those extra long expeditions with long days away from friends and family resulted in multiple promotions. Eventually, all but King Ahasuerus would bow and tremble in Haman’s presence, because of his ability to excel and gain position. There was one Jew, without rank, who fearlessly refused to kneel to Haman; Mordecai. When Mordecai refused to yield respect to Haman, Haman’s pride went on an internal and external rampage. A few observations of pride:

  1. Pride expects respect, reverence, fear
  2. Pride utilizes intimidation and inferiority
  3. Pride reacts with anger and fury when dissed by others
  4. Pride resorts to secretly devising a  plan because it must have revenge.

A few questions for my life:

  1. Do I expect respect from others? Do I expect people to fear me? If so, why?
  2. Do I intentionally intimidate? Do I try to make others feel inferior especially, if they are of another race or nationality?
  3. How do I react when others fail to respect me? Do I get furious?
  4. Do I secretly devise plans to harm others with words either verbally or via social media? Do I seek to injure others physically?
  5. Is my life so shallow that my temperament and action is dependent on the response of people?
  6. How does a person in Christ respond under the same circumstances as Haman?

Any thoughts?