Thoughts from Thessalonica

Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy make time to write and serve a persecuted group of believers living in Thessalonica. I always find the the biblical book of Acts enjoyable as it provides some historical context for the letters written to the Thessalonians (see Acts 16:6-10;17:1-9;27:2). I am encouraged to see the courage of Jason and other Christian’s who gave sanctuary to Paul and his comrades who were pursued by the city of Thessalonica at the request of jealous Jews. Jason and his colleagues only hope for guaranteed security from city leadership, was through monetary funds. In insecure times stable people rise to the occasion and Jason along with Aristarchus became monumental leaders from the city of Thessalonica (Acts 19:29;20:4;27:2;Col 4:10;Philemon 1:24).

I find the faith of the Thessalonians quite challenging, because I see where their faith and love for others grows abundantly. The context of their abundant growth and love for others is persecution and affliction. These witnesses are teaching me to expect much growth in faith and love by enduring. Their steadfast faith challenges me to avoid timidity and fear and discover valor in obedience to the good news of Jesus.


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