Lawless Man

Most people like a good antagonist in a movie. The rugged character who acts with flair in opposition to the protagonist, always throwing a curve ball in the middle of the story. Well not to humiliate Hollywood, but the lawless antagonist that Paul describes in Thessalonians will personify the great antagonist to God Himself. This son of destruction who has carved out his niche through rebellion will attempt to thwart all who oppose him. This lawless man will not view himself as a man but as a god worthy to be praised. Eventually his earthly authority will grant him access to sit on the throne inside the temple to receive praise from humanity. This ruthless antagonist will use every scheme possible to glorify himself. Honestly, I can identify with this lawless man’s character traits. I rebelled against God causing destruction simply in an attempt to worship myself. I have personally sought glorification. As a person I naturally pursue the worship of self.  Fortunately God intervened displaying my warped unsatisfying view of myself and eternal need of Him. Unlike this lawless man very few follow me nor do I have a throne to sit in, but I sure do share some of the same self gratifying characteristics of the man of lawlessness. So thankful for the the Holy Spirit’s conviction.


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