GP Leadership

Sure I’ve approached this backwards thinking through Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians from the second letter to the first, but hopefully my reflections will still be somewhat coherent.

Three important early church leaders (Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy) offer grace and peace to the Thessalonians. One verse into this letter and I’m already stumped and challenged. Called Christian leadership intentionally wants to be distinguished by grace and peace. Leadership received what they should not through the gospel of Christ (grace) restoring an appropriate relationship with God (peace).  Should I find myself in a leadership role may grace and peace flow from me to those I’m leading. Currently Lord, you have called me to lead my awesome wife and two lovely children. I hope that meditation on God’s grace in my life would lend me to being graceful with others. Because my thoughts, words, and actions are disturbing due to an old corrupt nature, my only source of survival is God’s abundant grace.  Because of His amazing grace I experience peace and restoration. God’s grace should make me be a peaceful pilgrim who peacefully leads others. In Christ I am no longer at war, which is the opposite of peace. In Christ I am no longer the eternal worrier because of His peace. I am to be one who highlights grace and peace and stirs up others to enjoy God’s grace and peace.


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