Work, Labor, Steadfast

faith, hope, loveI wonder if there are those who look upon my life or my church’s life who constantly thank the God of the universe because of my “work of faith, labor of love, and steadfast hope in Jesus”? Paul was thankful for this body of believers in Thessalonica whose faith, love, and hope distinguished them. These believers weren’t just acquaintances or friends, Paul gladly called them brothers. Can Christian leaders and other churches look at the group of disciples I worship with weekly and be thankful for us as brothers and sisters in Christ? I think it is appropriate to reverse the line of thought; am I thankful at seeing followers of Christ in other local churches abound in their faith, hope, and love? Am I delighted they are loved by God and chosen. Has the gospel in it’s magnificent power along with the divine conviction of the Holy Spirit engulfed our local churches throughout WS, Triad, NC, USA, and beyond? God’s not interested in our wealth or materials possessions, but He is interested in our faith, love, and hope in Jesus that transforms neighborhoods and communities.


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