Faith Status


Paul is so eager to determine the stability of the Thessalonians faith. Understandably, their faith is being tried through persecution and it is unknown whether the tempter would destroy their faith. So with this in mind, Paul staying alone in Athens, sends Timothy to  establish and exhort the Thessalonians in the faith of Christ. Timothy, a recognized coworker in the gospel of Christ had endured persecution and was a perfect choice to visit this city and provide direct support for the Thessalonians faith. Timothy would be the stake for their faith to climb on. Timothy would be the cane for their faith to maintain its equilibrium. Timothy’s teaching would act as an unwavering support against the ongoing affliction the Thessalonians were facing. Accurate teaching displays the magnificence of God, equipping us for the inevitable suffering to come.

I’m so encouraged. Paul is not sending Timothy to find out how well their son/daughter did in athletics. Paul is not trying to find out about the next career move. Paul is not trying to determine who bought a new home or car. Paul is not consumed with their next church strategy.  Paul is consumed with determining the health of their faith, because the cultural climate in Thessalonica could easily deter them from continuing their walk in faith. It would be much easier for the Thessalonians to entertain their idols among this culture (1:9). Following Christ meant ongoing suffering that wears on the mind and body.

How does my culture deter my faith? Thank you for messengers, like Timothy, who you have designed to proclaim your word and establish my faith!


One thought on “Faith Status

  1. Good example for us. It’s amazing how much of our concern for each other is external. Paul consistently expressed a desire for believers’ spiritual well-being.

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