Direct Our Way

Paul’s desire to see the Thessalonians is followed with crying out to God, “may our God and Father himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you,…”. What followers of Christ am I anxious to be with because of their faith? Am I praying to be around them?  Are their disciples of Christ who want to be around my faith? Paul also prays that love for one another and all increases. Conflict, affliction, persecution can create a lot of tension and make relationships challenging. Paul encourages them to love one another in order to establish their hearts blameless in holiness before God the Father and the Lord Jesus return.

Thank you God for the two parts of the Trinity emphasized in this medium length sentence (for Paul). Both persons, you the Father and our Lord Jesus, are mentioned at the beginning and end of this sentence. Thank you God that I can confidently expect Christ’s return with all his saints. May I be found loving others and blameless at your return.


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