Ought to Walk

sanctificationAlthough Paul commends and compliments the Thessalonians,  without hesitancy he understands the internal war facing the  Thessalonians. So Paul reminds them to take the teaching they received and walk pleasing to God. You are pleasing God and we want you to do it more and more. Part of the Christian walk is repeating the things taught over and over. I don’t have to add or take away I simply have to continue what was taught. Instructions from the Lord Jesus do not need revising, because his teaching enables you to do God’s will which results in sanctification. I find it very interesting that this local group of believers drawn closer through persecution had the dangers of sexual immorality lurking inside. Undesirable feelings causing one to lose sight of their purpose as a follower of Christ ultimately giving their body up for mischief. Paul is adamant in addressing the church “each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do know God;”. It is quite challenging to control the body in holiness and honor. I find it important that Paul encourages the believer to control his body for holiness first. It is important to have my mind focused on the target, holiness, because observing the target will help control the preparation of my shot, sanctification. I know there are passions inside of me and if they become the only thing my mind is fixed upon then I will lose self-control and movement towards sanctification. Paul explains two reasons to control your body for holiness and flee the passion of lust. First, to not transgress (I would like to review this word.) your brother. Paul knew how much they the Thessalonians loved each other and falling prey to unlawful sexual relations would destroy quality friendships. Second, as we have told you before the Lord is an avenger in all these things. God’s calling is to holiness not sexual immorality which is impurity. You can disregard at your own risk, because you are disregarding God not man who gave you his Holy Spirit. Gene Greene suggests Paul was probably aware the Thessalonians were re-involved in sexual immorality from Timothy’s visit. Greene goes on, “Far from prohibiting sexual immorality, the cults of Dionysus, Aphrodite, Osiris, and Isis, the Cabirus, and Priapas promoted sexual license…the Thessalonian church would have found it difficult to understand how their conversion to the living God necessitated abandoning those pleasures that their previous religious alliances had approved or ignored.” So it seems to me Thessalonica was as sexually promiscuous as current day USA. I am constantly in need of reminding of my call to holiness and honor as I move towards sanctification.


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