Essential Relationships

Paul encourages his brothers to respect those laboring, leading, and admonishing. God finds it pertinent that followers of Christ “know/recognize” their leaders and to think of them with great love. As a follower help me to properly recognize and love those working hard on my behalf to grow in Christ. So Paul invites me to analyze my relationship to leadership. Now he invites to me to analyze my relationship with others. I am called to be peaceful in the local church, although some are idle, fainthearted, and weak. On occasion I am quite likely to succumb to these fleshly troubles and in that case help me to accept the exhortation, encouragement, and help. Patience will help accomplish this well. Good patience will maintain peace among brothers and sisters in Christ. Okay Paul gets even more precise in how to relate with one another. No evil for evil only seeking seeking to be good to one another and everyone in Macedonia. Wow when relationships with leaders and brothers/sisters in Christ are well I will rejoice,pray constantly, and be grateful in every situation. I must look to the Lord to maintain appropriate relationships otherwise I will lose balance and focus taking matters into my own hand. This is part of God’s will in the sanctification process and failure to pay particular attention to these details has devastating consequences, quenching the Holy Spirit. Paul encourages the Thessalonians not to despise prophecies, which must suggest there were some prophesying and others unwilling to accept. Accept but test (I Cor 14:29; I Jn 4:1-3; I Cor 12:10;14:39) holding fasting that which is good and abstaining from every form of evil. The Spirit nor prophecy is going to lead me away from good and toward evil. Paul gets in a mouthful at the end of this letter. What incredible advice for the persecuted Thessalonian church called to be the hope for those in Thessalonica and Macedonia.

God I ask that you help me to maintain honorable relationships with spiritual leaders in my local church. May I also give special attention to exercising patience to maintain peace,which is what you God have willed on your church. May my life thrive in rejoicing, praying, and thanking!


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