SustainerPaul writing to the believers being sanctified in Christ Jesus in Corinth. Those in Corinth and throughout the ancient world were recognized by “calling upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”. Do those outside of Christ recognize that I am one who calls on Jesus Christ? Is evident at home? Is it evident at work? Is it evident at the park? Is it evident at the restaurant?

Paul delights in the church nestled in the harbor at the city of Corinth because spiritual gifts were not lacking among them. Paul deems the gifts important to validate that their speech and knowledge was enriched by Christ Jesus who is the Sustainer until His day. In the time being trust God’s faithfulness in the fellowship of of His Son. Ah the encouragement that must come to pastors who observe their bodies enriched by Christ so that their knowledge and speech reveal the work of Christ. Individuals are no longer seeking selfish desires, but are utilizing their spiritual gifts to give to those in fellowship with the Son.

Several things stick out in this passage to me:

  • Those who call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ are bound together.
  • Christ enriches the knowledge and speech of those who follow Him.
  • God provides spiritual gifts to bring nourishment until the revealing of Christ
    • This is the first time I remember recognizing “spiritual gift” in chapter one. Penciled that in at chapter twelve.
  • Christ is a Sustainer.
  • There is an everlasting fellowship in Christ.

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