Sign or Wisdom?

Look around where is the wise, scribe, or debater of this age? Where is the philosopher, theologian, or rhetorician? Have they found God? God’s uncanny abilities make the wisdom of this world foolish. But why? The world did not know God through wisdom it knew Him through the folly of preaching. Jewish culture was eagerly looking for a sign while the Greek culture sought wisdom, yet the answer was foolishly right at their fingertips. It was so close they stumbled over it. The proclaiming of Christ’s crucifixion for those called is “power” (Jewish sign) and “wisdom” (Greek wisdom). I know what the Jewish and Greek culture wanted,but what does my culture want. My hunch is science and entertainment. Often speaking of God will give people good goose bumps, but mentioned the cross of Christ and people cringe and clam up. Speak of Christ’s crucifixion in an academic setting and I’m sure to destabilize the conversational. Because of God’s omniscience his foolishness is wiser than humanity and because of his omnipotence his weakness is stronger than any human. Puzzling that Paul would mention God’s weakness when he is omnipotent or foolishness when he is omniscient. Twill be something nice to meditate on today.

So now God let me rest in your sovereign plan to display your power through the cross. May my proclaimation of Christ on the cross shake the cultures of the world and may I rest peacefully in your wisdom and strength. Lord thank you for people like Keith Getty that help us think of you via music!

The Power of the Cross by Keith Getty


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