Calling vs Worldy Wisdom

Look at you how many of you in Corinth were wise according to worldly standards, strong, high and magnified, or more than mere nothingness? Very few. What does the wise think? How do the strong act? What do the high and magnified do? Paul encourages the Corinthians to consider God’s purpose in the cross of Christ. Humans are arrogant creatures, whether quiet or loud humans have a strong sense of I’m better than you and I did this own my own. God says, I easily make the wise foolish, the strong weak, and the high and magnified low and despised. Why? So I dare not enter the presence of God claiming to arrive via my own wisdom, power, or position. But why is it so important that I know this? Would I rather find out later that my current wisdom, power, or position did not suffice for the God of the universe? How unjust is it for a sovereign God to not declare my unworthiness and then later depart from me because I didn’t measure up. God conveys the message clearly; you are nothing. Thankfully God is an artist who can make something out of nothing. I am a nothing who only found something in Christ. Christ is wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. In Christ I am God’s wisdom, unparalleled by anybody. In Christ I am righteous, which is legit power. In Christ I am sanctified, which is a fantastic position. In Christ I am redeemed, what other position could I desire more?  Dare I walk into the presence of God and boast, not by any means of my own! I may only boast in Christ.


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