Seed / Water / Growth

Paul invites the followers of Christ to meditate deeply on God via the Holy Spirit realizing that their natural flesh will not comprehend God’s greatness. A problem occurs though, the Corinthians were still walking as infants in the flesh. Although Paul had solid food to feed them that would add muscle and weight rather rapidly he was still feeding them infant milk just getting them the necessary nutrients. But how are we of flesh? Your jealousy and strife are indicators of the flesh in control. Constantly wanting to follow Paul or Apollos unable to comprehend their roles in Christ. I can be confident where jealousy and strife occur in my life I am acting in a human way.

Paul and Apollos were just servants / tools for God to guide Corinth into belief. Paul was a planter who roamed Corinth putting in seed, while Apollos watered the seed planted in Corinth. God combines the seed and the water to produce growth. In reality the planter and the one who waters are nothing and God is everything. The planter is constantly looking for new fields to plant more seeds and the one who waters comes to the field after the seeds have been placed in the ground and waters. They are cooperating as one to see the God of the universe bring to something what was nothing; a life united to Christ. Both are labor intensive and both will receive adequate wages. Paul and Apollos, fellow workers, are glad to be working in God’s field and God’s building.

As a follower of Christ and one who clings to the Bible I hope to walk spiritually in maturity rather than fleshly as an infant. I hope to understand that jealousy and strife are fleshly and hinder the work of God in a city, like Corinth and Winston Salem. As a servant of God in the field I hope that I can complement others labor realizing that both of our jobs are useless without an amazing God who stepped into this world to help humanity. How beautiful to work together in unity!


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