Judas & Baruch

Dorothy Sayers presents an amazing play in The Man Born To Be King. I am reading the part leading up to the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

Below I’ve provided a convo b/tween Judas Iscariot and Baruch following Jesus’ arrest.

Judas: Perhaps they will acquit him.
Baruch (sarcastically): Perhaps the cat will acquit the mouse!…(brutally) Here, what’s the matter with you? You wanted him to suffer didn’t you? Now he’s going to suffer. I hope you’re pleased. If you had any guts, you’d be suffering with him. Why aren’t you in court,  making a noble speech and clamoring to be martyred in the cause?…But talking’s one thing, suffering another…Going to Pilate, is he? That means the cross. Ever seen a man crucified? There’s nothing poetical about it, and it hurts Judas, it hurts…Now’s your moment to practice what you preach, Will you stand by your Messiah? Will you testify from the cross? Will you be eloquent from that pulpit about the value and blessedness of pain? Skewered up there in the broiling sun, like an owl on a barn door, with your joints cracking and your head on fire and your tongue like leather? Will you say from there what you said to me…?
Judas: Damn you be quiet!
Baruch: Can’t face it, eh? —He’s facing it. I know that quiet sort. He’ll walk up to death with his eyes open and his mouth shut. All you can do is to cringe and squeal…Yes! And how did Jesus get taken? Somebody squealed then, I fancy. Who was it? Who was it, Judas Iscariot?
Judas: Let me go!
Baruch: Bah! What filth!…Run, rat, run! You can’t run away from yourself.

Here is a clip from Dorothy Sayers’ The Man Born To Be King from the Twelfth Play “The King Comes To His Own”


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