Servant & Steward = S2

Paul encourages the Corinthian believers to consider Sosthenes, Timothy, and himself as servants of Christ. Most people did not long for servant positions, but Paul was glad to be a servant. Is it my priority to be a servant? Followers of Christ are not only servants, but they are also stewards {“manages property or other affair for someone else} of the mysteries of God (Romans 16:25-27;I Cor 2:1-10;4:1; Eph 1:8b-10; 3:1-10;Col 1:25-27; 2:2-3). Sense I am handling others property and affairs my most important character trait of a steward is trustworthy. I found it interesting that in Major Doug Crandall’s book Leadership Lessons From West Point he had a complete chapter devoted to “Trust: The Key to Combat Leadership”. How do I gain trust in a relationship? How can I lose trust?

Paul encourages the believers in Corinth to not waste their time judging him. The Lord will judge so there is no reason to pronounce judgement before the Lord comes. Our God who is full of light will bring disclosure. His light will manifest things hidden in darkness and his transparency will reveal the purposes of the heart. Only then will servants receive commendation from God. People may call into question things in my life illegitimately. There is no reason to throw up my arms in frustration. Relax if I am trustworthy God will know and reward me at the appropriate time. I can’t be consumed with worrying about what others think rather than being consumed by being a faithful steward of God. Now if I have legitimate things to bring into question that is a different story. Paul in this passage had been faithful and persistent in loving and leading the believers in Corinth and yet they openly rejected him on occasion.
Paul finally addresses in this passage boastfulness. None of the Corinthians are able to boast in themselves. They had nothing that was not given to them. Uh oh – everything that I have has been given either from parents, family, friends, colleagues, enemies {in some cases}, etc.


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