Knowledge and/or Love

Love Builds UpEvery person possesses knowledge, which causes puffiness/arrogance. In contrast to knowledge love is an architect, engineer, and builder. Paul address his concern of knowledge because I may know muuuccchhh, though I know not what I ought to know. Yea brain teaser for me. Why do I not know what I think I know? What is not a brain teaser is that if I love God I will be known by God.

I know that idols and other gods don’t really exist, because there is only one God and one Jesus Christ from whom are all things for whom I exist.

Some are unable to grasp the knowledge that food offered to idols in Corinth were offered to a god that doesn’t exist, yet their conscience was defiled. Another brain teaser. Although it is not wrong technically, their  conscience is still defiled. Somewhat awkward that something can be biblically okay, but due to another persons lack of knowledge their conscience can render it wrong. Paul says, I know nothing is wrong with the food, it can’t draw you closer to God, but there are weaker followers of Christ that I don’t want to cause to stumble hindering their relationship with God. Remember knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. For the knowledgeable person observing you eat this food is encouraged, yet the disciple with less knowledge can easily be destroyed. So in effect mature knowledgeable followers must be discerning of others. I should not want to hinder the brother/sister whose weak conscience may be destroyed by my knowledge. I should also want to be an encouragement to the brother/sister with knowledge. I think what Paul is suggesting is that love trumps knowledge. Others trump self. Love of God produces humility. Humility doesn’t flaunt liberty, because humility considers the wellness of others over oneself.


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