Thoughts from Galatians 1

A group of Christ followers along with Paul addresses the churches that are in Galatia. Why do I so often forget the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice to deliver me from sin and this present evil age? Christ, The Generous, recognized my disturbing propensity to sin and took action according to God the Father’s will. My most treacherous sin is attempting to add anything to God the Father’s plan to send Jesus to earth who made the only provision for helpless people like myself bring glory to God. Is God’s plan through Christ not enough for me? Sure, but my propensity is to add something to it.

I find the importance of sitting under accurate instruction as some followers of Christ in Galatia are led astray by some teaching a distorted gospel. Shame on me for accepting anything more or less than the simplicity God’s good news of sending His son Jesus Christ on my behalf. If I ever dare to teach anything more or less than Christ being the atoning sacrifice for my life let me be accursed. May I courageously seek the applause of God  and not man while on this earthly endeavor. May I faithfully be God’s servant and not a puppet of humans.

Two Songs From Psalms

I was introduced to this song at Piedmont Baptist College’s Spiritual Life Retreat. I was teaching on Psalm 24 and this song is driven by that Psalm. I’ve come to enjoy several songs now by Kutless.


I found this song by Aaron Keyes early this morning and found it encouraging.