2012 Running Miles


I’m fairly reluctant to share running information with anyone other than runners on dailymile, because most people I know don’t care about my personal exercise. I’m mainly sharing on this blog because 1. very few people read the blog  2. the blog is sometimes as a journal so I would like this to be in my records. Justin Brown, a fantastic friend and runner, motivated me to pursue some goals for 2012 which I was able to obtain.

One of the craziest parts of 2012 was receiving text message Friday night at 8:00 pm asking if I wanted a bib to run a 1/2 marathon. What they didn’t know is that I was sitting there eating a second bowl of deer stew. Anyways it was quite a fun experience since most people I run with know I despise having to pay for something I can do for free thus I’ve only paid for one 5k that was run with my daughter. Who knows what 2013 will look like, but I pray that my body will stay healthy so I can keep enjoying the great outdoors on my two feet.

A delightful part of this year was most of the summer spent running with my wife. She would do at least two short runs during the week and occasionally I would accompany her, but on Saturday we always did a long run together at one point making it around Salem Lake. The time together along with conversation was wonderful!


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