Best practices: for an angry man to avoid sin

Psalm 4

Life is permeated with undesirable people situations that cause distress. The 21st century is not unlike any other era in that people have always been skilled at the art of destroying others. Observing or being on the receiving end of malice is disheartening and deserves loathing. Though the attack from others can be paralyzing the Psalmist provides a defense for the unsettling experience. Remember the attacks are futile because God’s righteousness is impenetrable. So what should one do in light of the barrage of attacks and purposeful destruction? Heed the Psalmists counsel…

1. Recognize your righteousness is in God

2. Pray and know that YHWH listens to the prayer of the godly

3. Enclose yourself in the proper place: your bedroom and ponder silently

4. Remember to worship YHWH

5. Though often elusive trust YHWH

6. Patiently wait for the light of YHWH’s face

7. Expect exuberant abundant joy

8. Safely and confidently rest in YHWH

Another persons desperate act to destroy your earthly identity is a failed attempt at dismantling your eternal identity in Christ. An exercise complementing the Psalmist’s counsel is to reflect on what he doesn’t suggest to do.