Can you hear me now?

Psalm 5:1-3

As is normal the Psalmist has been worshiping and waiting for YHWH in the morning, but he seems not to be heard. Who doesn’t want to be heard? The small child who clamors for their dad or mom’s attention by tugging their pant leg, pulling their finger, or in the last case scenario throwing a tantrum would like to be heard. The dad or mom whose teenage son or daughter ignores their parental plea would like to be heard. The employee who shamelessly asks tough questions, which the boss stealthily avoids would like to be heard. Strangely enough this feeling of not being heard can be experienced when communicating with the I AM. The Psalmist groaned and cried desperately for his King and his God to hear his words, but the unsettling silence proved unnerving. As humans an unnoticed or unrecognized response can lead us to fear and potentially panic.

Why? Why do we want to be heard so much? Why are we so desperate for others to hear us? Perhaps being made in the image of our Creator causes us to want to be heard because he wants to be heard?