Joel 1

A few observations from the book of Joel

Chapter 1


The word of YHWH came to Joel, as a prophet, declaring truth to the nation. The elders and inhabitants are encouraged to hear and listen. The story told by Joel is to be passed down from one generation to the next, because the utter destruction of the locust cannot be forgotten. A mighty nation has invaded and pillaged our land leaving our vines dead and fig trees splintered.

Wail / Mourn
The miserable devastation surely must feel like a bride mourning for the bridegroom of her youth. Worship has dissipated at the house of the YHWH and priests mourn due to the sheer loss and destruction. The vines and trees (fig, pomegranate, palm, and apple) have dried up, thus the rejoicing of our nation dries.

Gird / Lament
The ministers of the altar should wrap themselves in sackcloth, because the offerings are no longer possible to offer at the house of the Lord.

God through his messenger, Joel the son of Pethuel, was extending his mercy and longsuffering to his people who had forgotten him.


Joel exhorts the elders and all the citizens of Israel to assemble at the house of YHWH to be consecrated through fasting. Why? Because the day of the Lord is near with pending judgment ever near and the absence of joy and gladness.

The earth is cursed, because our seeds produce no grain and beasts groan with no pasture for food. The fields and trees have been destroyed by fire.

Everything within our existence pants for  you (e.g. people, fields, water brooks, etc.)

Reflecting back on vs 5-6 the consequences of drinking wine and not paying attention to the imminent threat of a nation soon to invade left Israel in a shameful position with nothing, but the human ability to cry out to God for help.