Job 1-3

Beginning to read the book of Job was not necessarily a heart warming moment. The book describes some horrible tragedies that can be painful to read through. Nevertheless, I’ve been working my way through the Bible in one year using Read Scripture’s reading plan.

Fortunately, this first three chapters captured my imagination and were a joy to read through as I saw things in the text that I personally had never seen.

Job 1

  • vs 1 & 8 – Job’s incredible Twitter length testimony “blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil” (vs 1, 8)
  • vs 5 – Job “rises early” to sacrifice and pray on behalf of his children “continually”
    • Insert conviction—am I praying for my children continually every morning
  • vs 10 – Satan challenges God by suggesting that Job’s loyalty stems from his possessions
  • vs 14, 17 – Satan is able conduct his authority through the Sabeans/Chaldeans who raid Job’s family (war)
  • vs 16, 19 – Satan is able to conduct his authority through the weather “fire of God fell from heaven” and “a great wind came across the wilderness” (weather)
  • vs 20-22 – Job worshiped – Job’s response was worship, because he was so prone to worship.
    • Insert conviction—am I prone to worship…when that which is good or bad occurs am I prone to worship?

Job 2

  • vs 4 – Satan challenges God again suggesting that Job’s loyalty stems from his good health
  • vs 7 – Satan is able to conduct his authority through Job’s health (health)
  • vs 9 – Job’s devout integrity to God creates marital strife
    • Satan can use miserable suffering to attempt to stymie our relationship with each other and with God
  • vs 11-13 – friendship is present to sympathizes, comforts, and say nothing

Job 3

  • vs 13-19 – A description of the grave
    • All sleep in the grave (kings, counselors, princes, masters, slaves, stillborn children, etc.)
    • “the wicked cease”
    • “the weary rest”
    • “the prisoners are at ease”
    • “small and great are there”

The reading this morning caught me by surprise, since I was not expecting much. However, Job’s testimony is both mesmerizing, thought provoking, and convicting simultaneously. Job’s willingness to live upright and his ability to defy evil stems from worship and devotion to God. I was also surprised by Satan’s authority to use violence, weather, and health to disrupt Job’s loyalty to God. I’ve read Job numerous times, but failed to recognize Satan’s authority to use these items to interrupt one’s worship of God.


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