Others First

When people in the church express love, participate together in the Spirit, share affection and sympathy towards one another we build synergy. Additionally, the Bible considers our inward motivation strategic for group cohesiveness and unity.  The Bible suggests for a church to experience less friction and tension among each other the inward motivation of the body must be inspected. For example, the Apostle Paul invites the followers of Jesus in Philippi to consider if selfish ambition or conceit is their motivation. In contrast to selfish ambition and conceit our intrinsic motivation must be humility, which always counts others “more significant than ourselves.” This motivation is crucial, because when our motivation is in the proper place we “look not at our own interest, but also to the interests of others.” This is a splendid lesson that invites followers of Jesus to live as Jesus did, one who elevates others before self.

#Philippians 2:1-4