Blog Stats + Rachel

My blog stats went off the charts last week. Don’t get to excited it doesn’t take many visits to send my blog stats up, since there are very few people who follow my blog.

I was encouraged though, to discover why my blog stats were rising last week. I had posted this song, O Church Arise, on my blog and my daughter thought every neighbor in our neighborhood should hear it multiple times. The little things God uses to magnify and glorify Himself!

Jesus used Advance 09 to introduce my worship pastor, Craig West, to the song above, which led him to introduce it to our 121Church body, which led me to post  on the blog, which led my daughter to share with all her neighbor friends. This reminds me of the “long tail” effect that Mark Penn discusses in his book Microtrends. The person at Advance 09 probably never realized that his ministry through music would
extWSend to children without Christ living on Holland St in WS, but it did! I guess this reminds us all to never underestimate how our life effects others for Christ.

John Piper’s tweet on July 1st, 2009 “The man God used to call me from pre-med to gospel ministry never knew it. Don’t judge your life by known effects.”