Jealousy In Children

There are three girls that bring joy in my life. First and foremost, my wife whose quiet, loving, gentle demeanor challenges me on an everday basis. Fortunately, she helped bring two sweethearts into the world. I love rushing home from work to walk in and here, “Daddy, come find me.” This game was hardly fun a few months ago because they were so easy to find, but now they are starting to get the concept (learning from the best ‘hide and seeker’) of the game. This time is memorable. Okay some days my mind and muscles have had it and I flop on the couch,  but under normal circumstances there little lives consume my first 30 minutes that I am home. I love it and often remind myself that in a few short years,  Lord willing I will be playing hide and seek with my grandchildren. I am so glad God has created my children for His honor and glory!

Unfortunatley though they have a tendency to sin—no doubt they got this straight from daddy. Jealousy seeps into their lives at an early age. You name it, if one has it the other wants it (crayons, ride with dad or mom to the store, candy, spending the night with Aunt Cherith, playing outside with my awesome nieces and nephews, et cetera). Oh these living mirrors can deal crushing blows to our personal struggles such as jealousy. Not only do they learn how to hide from the best hide and seek player, but they learn how to be jealous from a dad who teaches them to be jealous. GK Chesterton was right about learning so much from watching children in the church nursery. We learn so much because we are observing ourselves in the our children.

Have you taken time to watch your children? 

My oldest daughter, Rachel, whimpishly shows her jealousy. If Jordan has something that she wants Rachel will come to dad or mom’s side and whine for it. Rachel rarely shows aggressive jealousy. She simply quietly looks up with the poochy lip and soft voice weaseling in to try and get what she wants.

 My youngest daughter, Jordan, on the other hand is very aggressive and expressive when she wants something. Jordan can lift her voice and state what she wants very dogmatically in no uncertain terms. She is also passionate physically and facially in her jealous reactions. Jordan will try to snatch it out of Rachel’s hand and have the funniest face while she does it.

 I just have to laugh when I think about the different personalities of these two beautiful girls. I also have to inwardly contemplate my inwards spiritual battle with jealousy.