Hebrews 9

First Covenant:

  • preparation of a tent
    • the author of Hebrews was unable to speak of the details
  • priests perform ritual duties
  • high priest priest enters second section, Most Holy Place
    • must have blood
      • for his sins
      • unintentional sins of other people
  • the Holy Spirit communicates through this ceremony “the way into the holy places is not yet opened whiles the first section is still standing”
  • gifts and sacrifices offered
    • unable to perfect the conscience of the worship
    • only deal with food,drink, and washings imposed on the body until the holy place is open

New Covenant:

  • Christ arrives through a greater and more perfect tent not of this creation
  • Christ did not use goat or calf blood. Christ used his own blood securing redemption
  • How can you compare the blood of goats and bulls with the  blood of Christ? You can’t–by the power of the Holy Spirit Christ offered himself to God
    • purifies our conscience from dead works so we can serve the living God
  • Mediator enables us to receive an eternal inheritance
  • Redemption from transgressions under the first covenant through death
  • Christ offered a better sacrifice because heavenly things demanded a better sacrifice
  • Christ was offered as a sacrifice for things in heaven itself not holy things created by physical hands

Picture of Wealth

James 5 gives a disturbing picture of the rich. They have sorrow and weep they endure pain and howl. What was once considered riches has now become rotten and worthless. The corrosion of gold and silver has scarred the body of the rich person like fire to their flesh. The rich took advantage of the laborers and the laborers cried out to the Lord who heard their cry. The rich tend to live in luxury and indulge themselves fattening their hearts while condemning and often murdering the righteous person.

In a country whose wealth has surpassed many if not most, I am somewhat afraid of my/our tendency to find security in riches. Yet riches dare not be a security, but an easy trap for one who fails to protect his/her heart. We currently have thousands of people in our country, whom some have been taken advantage of,  roaming city streets demanding the funds of others yet not realizing the dangers that reside in riches. What happens when you demand the dollar and the dollar no longer has value? Your heart becomes lost in a pursuit of the wind. Oh we are trying to solve surface issues rather than deep soul issues. We are crying out to the wealthy when we should be crying out to our Lord. The Lord hears and will answer. Our answer is not in riches our answer is in the Lord. We must declare Jesus as our only hope!